5 Great Ways To Send Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

If you’ve been part of pinterest for a while you must have seen how important pictures are and how easily they are repinned and shared in pinterest.

People who are in the internet business and use social media as part of their marketing strategy know how important pictures are becoming more than ever.

Facebook posts that include pictures have way more interaction (likes and comments) than posts who don’t have images.

Pinterest is ALL about pictures and it’s one of the main sources of traffic to blogs and websites.

So if you’re not using pinterest on your blog, you must do it now to start getting viral traffic. So here are the top 5 best practices to start using pinterest and get traffic coming to your blog.

1. Add a Picture to Every Blog Post

From now on create a picture on every one of your posts. Especially your most important ones. A great design is crucial.

2. Use Relevant Keywords In Your Image Titles

When giving names to your images always add keywords. “Dec2012_20121312_0013.jpg” is not going to rank as well as “professional-sufring”.jpg

3. Create Vertical Images

In Pinterest the most pinned images are the ones that have a larger height than width. Make your pictures with a 2:3 ratio or 4:5 ratio. Height must be larget than width always. In fact, in pinterest, height is infinite.

4. Use Your Titles To Create Cool Images

One of Pinterest categories is quotes. And there are many images created using post titles. If you don-t find an image that suits your blog post, design a vertical image with your title in it. Tip: Add your website URL at the bottom of your image.

5. Add Title, Hashtags And Link To Your Pins

Add a good description to your pin. Many people fail to use the description part correctly. Add your title, use hashtags and put your link in there too. Since pins are rarely changed in pinterest, your website will be repinned with the description you entered over and over.

Go to pinterest and take a look to the images. There are a lot of inphographics images which are very large in height. Always try to create large images and use the description to your advantage.

So in conclusion, you should now be using images in your blog posts and sharing them on pinterest to get traffic to your blog.

Also, have a pinterest button to make it easy to your readers to pin your images.

Remember, a picture tells a thousand words. And now more than ever, this is true with pinterest. You can get a lot of traffic from pinterest, just by using these top 5 strategies.

If you are already sharing pictures but are not using these 5 strategies, make some changes and analyze if you get more traffic to your blog.

Share your results with us in the comments below!

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