Easily Track & Cloak Your Links In WordPress With Prettly Links Plugin

One of the most important practices in network marketing online is to track everything that is happening on your websites so you can improve what’s working and change what’s not.

One of the most important things you need to do in all your websites is to track where your clicks are coming from so you know where to focus your efforts.

Many network marketers have blogs that they use to promote their products, share strategies, opinions, affiliate products or other stuff.

Pretty Links is a plugin for WordPress that will allow you to track and cloak your links so that you can choose how your links will look and you also won’t lose your commissions when you are promoting your affiliate links.

You will be able to track your links, see how many times people click on them and make your URL look however you want.

Tracking links will allow you to see where your traffic is coming from.

Here’s how Pretty Link looks like:


With just those settings you can easily add your new links and start tracking right away.

If you have the Pretty Link Pro you can do some more very cool things that will save you a lot of time when adding your links to your site.

One of the main features of the Pro version is that you can automatically change certain keywords on your posts and pages automatically by defining specific keywords in the Advanced tab when adding your links.


You can do more things with the Pro version, like rotating your target URLs if you want to point to more than 1 URL. You can use it for partnerships, ad rotations, and split testing.

You can also setup conversion reports to analyze how well your clicks are converting.

There are many things you can do with Pretty Links plugin. Here you can check Pretty Link Pro Manual for specific configuration and use of Pretty Links.

As the name says, you will be able to make your links look pretty.

For me the 3 most important reasons to have Pretty Link in your blog are:

  1. To cloak your links and make them look nice and clean.
  2. Track your links to see which ones get more clicks.
  3. Automatically add links to specific keywords throughout your posts and pages.


It is really important that you track where your clicks are coming from so you can focus your efforts in improving those pages and therefore increasing your conversions.

You need to measure every thing you can in your site and Pretty Link will help you do that easily.

Have you used Pretty Link? How has it helped you increase traffic and conversion in your site?

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