7 sources of inspiration to create great content for your blog. #blogging #content www.mlmsuccesscoach.com

7 Sources Of Inspiration To Create Great Content For Your Blog

7 sources of inspiration to create great content for your blog. #blogging #content www.mlmsuccesscoach.com

Let’s face it. Creating content for your blog can be extremely difficult, especially after a while, creating great content consistently can be quite challenging.¬†Sometimes, your mind simply goes blank and coming up with good ideas to write about becomes harder.

In this article I will share with you strategies that will allow you create content for your blog with less effort and will allow you to also share things that your readers want to read.

People love to share really great content, and ultimately your objective is to provide them with information that is useful to them so you make them loyal fans, and make them share your content.

In order to create great articles that your audience will want to read and share, here are some great sources of inspiration that you will hopefully find useful to create your contet, your audience will enjoy, and hopefully share with their friends.

Do some research on the topics that your audience is interested in

The first thing you must do, is dive in to trending topics and content that your audience wants to read. This is going to be a lot easier than you think. You probably already have great content around you but you haven’t really noticed that you already have access to it. So let’s get started on how and where you can find great topics.

1. Newsletters:

Are you subscribed to newsletters? You probably recieve newsletters relevant to your target market that you are recieving directly in your email.

If you are not already subscribed to relevant lists to your market, you can start by doing that. Find good blogs and websites to subscribe to that deliver good content to your email and read through them. You should be able to find content that you feel is good and that will motivate you to write something relevant and will inspire you.

This one is really easy, just go to your inbox and look for your newsletters. They will provide great sources of trending topics, inspiration, and research.

2. The Daily Digg Newsletter

Is a great way to get a lot of trending topics that have already been shared by hundreds or thousands of people and have proven to be trending and engaging.

3. Google Alerts

This is one of my favorite ways of finding great content from specific keywords and get notifications delivered to your email.

Google Alerts is easy to use and you just have to define a bunch of keywords, then define how often you want to recieve your alerts. Daily, weekly or as it happens.

You can use some google operators to do great research and get the most relevant articles deliverted in your alerts.

google alerts

4. Topsy

It’s a website where you can search for any content you want and see the top content that was shared recently and who is talking about it.


5. Swayy

I really love this website. Because it allows you to connect your facebook, twitter, and linkedin accounts and it automatically gathers content relevant to your friends and followers, making it really easy to share it with them.

You can also define specific topics and it will gather that content for you. You can also schedule your posts and send them out whenever you feel it’s best.


6. BuzzSumo

Is a great website that will show the most shared articles and the shared count on some social networks. You can also filter from images, infographics, videos and more.


7. Buffer

It’s an incredible app that will allow you to schedule posts to your facebook and twitter accounts. The great thing about this app is that you can define the times and days when you want your updates to be posted. Then all you have to do is add your updates and it will automatically post them whenever you have predefined.

But buffer also offers suggestions of relevant content. You can simply choose which of the updates is important for you and add them to your queue. It’s that simple. You can share those posts, but also, remember that your main objective is to know about trending topics so you can come up with content for your blog.



Do you use some of the sources I mentioned here? Which ones are your preferred sources? Share in the comments below what you do to get inspired to create new content.

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